Gold Medal Flour


A redesign for Gold Medal Flour. This design uses a a jar rather than the traditional paper bag. The jar makes for a much more pleasant experience for the user. No mess and much easier to store. The clear jar also makes it much easier to see how much flour is left in the container.  





A series of collages based on architects and their work. Each collage features a different designer and some of their most iconic pieces. Architects include Charles and Ray Eames, Richard Neutra, and Walter Gropius. Each piece was designed to be used across a wide variety of medium such as poster, postcards, and coffee mugs.


The Hot Sardines


Designed for the Folly theater's Jazz series, this poster is inspired by the French influence on the band as well as their high energy and fun performances. The design of the poster is used in many different applications such as a billboard and video date reminder that showcases the way the design and the bands music works together.